Carlota used to call her grandfather Gugu, a driven businessman who not only thrived in his professional life but had a special bond with his granddaughter as he taught her his favorite sales tools in franchising. Mine, on the other hand, was a successful entrepreneur, who surely did not teach me anything about floor engineering- he taught me about traveling, languages, and the importance of pursuing my passions. When Carlota and I decided to join forces into creating a company, we decided to name it Gugu, as the name symbolizes our lucky tokens & guardian angels.

After graduating from Marketing & Sales and International Business, respectively, Gugu Jewelry started from our common passion for jewels. We wanted to fill the gap in the industry by creating one-of-a-kind pieces not only for the market but for each one of our customers. 

Our designs are minimalistic and timeless, just like our style. I love to use my jewels on a daily basis, and stack them with other accessories to create different looks. Gugu Jewelry offers a wide range of products that can be mixed, matched, worn permanently or on the go. Plus, they’re perfect for any occasion and make really special gifts. As we are moving towards including more fine jewelry in our collection, we also take custom orders upon request to create any piece you have in mind- from sterling silver to diamonds and precious stones. 

We hope you love www.shopgugu.com as much as we do! 
X, Constanza